Pumping Services

Keep it Clean with A1 Grease Trap Pumping and Oil Collection.

Pumping Services

Maintaining Grease Traps and Used Fryer Oil collection is essential to keeping a clean restaurant and avoiding down time.



A properly maintained grease trap with scheduled pumping and cleaning will help keep your business running smoothly and avoid costly downtime. For prompt service and customer savings call A1.


Used Fryer Oil Collection helps the environment. We collect your Used Fryer Oil to keep your restaurant clean and take away the headache of having to dispose of Used Oil.

Tired of Backups and Unreliable Pumping Schedules?

Grease Trap Maintenance

A1 Restaurant Services maintains all size traps from small indoor grease traps to large outdoor interceptors. Grease traps will be serviced on a regular service schedule that best suits the needs of your restaurant and keeps the city water treatment facilities happy. Avoid costly downtime with A1 Grease Trap Maintenance.

  • Keeps Service Line Running Smoothly
  • On Call For Emergency Needs
  • Any Size Trap
  • Low Cost
  • Scheduled Service Day/Time

Used Fryer Oil Collection

Used Fryer Oil can be a headache to dispose of properly, messy to deal with, and harmful to the environment. Let A1 provide your collection container and collect your used fryer oil on a routine schedule so your restaurant stays clean and functional. Sound Good?

  • Collection Container dropped off within 24 hours
  • Oil Collected on Scheduled Route
  • Service Provided for Most of Arizona

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