Plumbing Services

Keep it Flowing with A1 Plumbing and Drain Repairs and Maintenance Services.

Plumbing Services

Clogs, drips, and slow drains fixed quick by honest, certified, professional plumbers.


Plumbing problems can really mess up your day. Don’t let it. Just Call A1. We can handle any plumbing repairs including clogged toilets, clogged sinks, slow running drains, dripping faucets, running toilet tanks and broken water heaters.


Get grease traps running smoothly again with emergency or regularly scheduled grease trap Jetter and Rooter service. High power hydro-jetting can blast grease from your drains and get them running like new again.



A1 plumbing specialists can install, certify, or repair your backflow preventer. Water supply protection is critical, so only trust certified plumbers to handle your backflow preventer needs.

Ready for an Honest and Skilled Plumber to fix it right the first time?

Plumbing Repairs and Drain Cleaning

A1 Commercial and Residential Plumbing Services can handle any plumbing repairs. When an A-1 plumber arrives you can feel confident that he will be an honest, certified, skilled, considerate, and clean plumbing technician ready to repair your plumbing correctly and get you functioning again.

  • All Plumbing Needs (Drain Cleaning, Clogs, Leaks)
  • On Call For Emergency Needs
  • Low Cost
Clogged Sinks
Slow Drains
Running Toilet Tanks
Clogged Toilets
Dripping Faucets
Water Heater Replacement

Jetter and Rooter Services

Whether you have a clogged drain in Peoria or slow running drains in Gilbert, A1 can have them cleared in no time with A1 Jetter and Rooter Services. Our hydrojetter can blast grease and debris from your lines to keep them running smooth. Take advantage of of our quarterly or biannual maintenance schedule to keep your business running smoothly and avoid getting that clog when business is booming.

  • Cut Through Roots
  • Removal of Mineral Deposits and Corrosion
  • Remove Grease Hair, and Food Blockages
  • Preventative Maintenance or Emergency Services
  • Service provided for Metro Phoenix Area and most other cities in Arizona

Need Some Power Washing? We can do that too.

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